4 aspects to consider when buying a right cell phone

It is reported that a lot of people become terribly dependent on this gadget. Some even find it uneasy to live without cell phones. And the rapid progress of cell phones also makes both wholesale cell phones and retail cell phones promising to trade. To earn the best market share, cell phone companies have been working painstakingly to improve their products or contribute new items. As a result, there is a tremendous variety of cell phones available different in brand names, designs, features, performance, and prices.

Shopping a cell phone can be very hard if you have no idea how to buy one that you’ll enjoy using and showing around. Besides the brand name, there are a lot of aspects you may need to take into consideration when picking a cell phone. As it is widely acknowledged, a cell phone someone selects not only presents his or her practical demands for the cell phone, but also his or her personality. Normally, everyone would pick the ideal combination of brand names, designs, features, and performance for a cell phone based on his or her taste.

Brand name

From Samsung, Motorola, Siemens to various other cell phone brand names, there are so many options to select from. If you are a brand follower, it will be quite easy to make the decision: just choose your favorite. If you don’t care about the brand, ignore this aspect, and go straight to the following suggestions.

Design & Style

Now cell phones enjoy various designs or styles. From the masculine type to the cartoon type, from the slim body to standard outlook, from slide to the candy bar, from the touch screen to keyboard, from the gorgeous to the simple, whenever and wherever you step into a cell phone marketplace or visit an online cell phone store, you will soon be dazzled by the huge selection of cell phones. Every design has its particular merits, just pick the one you are sure you will be glad to show off in public or simply the one appeals to you at a glimpse. But one thing is for sure: no matter what design it is, the cell phone you opt for should be convenient enough when you use it. That is, user experience should come first when it comes to shopping for a cell phone. For instance, must check whether the screen is big enough for you to read a message using the cell phone or if the keyboard is comfortable convenient enough to type messages or dial numbers, etc.


In this regard, you should confirm which features you love for a cell phone first. If you need a cell phone just for making phone calls and sending messages, go for the simply featured cell phones without any other features like digital cameras, music players, personalized ringtones, etc. If you plan to use the cell phone to access and manage your email and other organizational tasks, pick a high-end handset or even a smart cell phone like PDA. If you love to use your cell phone for entertainment, opt for the one with a premium quality MP5 player or a range of games. The basic rule is: do not go with anything more than you need.


Check if everything operates well with the cell phone you are going to buy. Besides reading carefully the product specifications for the cell phone, you had better have thorough testing on every function of the phone to see if the performance is satisfactory or not. The key function for a cell phone, of course, is the call quality. So try to call someone with the cell phone and you will find whether the call quality is satisfying. Also, it is necessary to check whether the contact list is easy to organize. Try inputting a few contact persons’ names and check if it is fast to reach the person you are looking for. For a feature-rich or smart cell phone, you need to check every function step by step and confirm they are on normal conditions and satisfactory enough according to your needs.

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