Private Business Funding

If you are already in your own business, you must be aware of what hard money working capital is. Hard money working capital is your day to day cash requirement to have your business operations going smoothly. In other words, hard money capital is the fund which you require to turn your raw material into

New Business Generation

Purpose: To supply leads targeted to your specific requirements that can be converted into new business increasing sales, turnover and profit. Definition: A lead is generated from a highly focused and targeted telemarketing questionnaire usually derived from our Marketing and Diagnostic Review. We will have set together clearly defined criteria identifying the new business you

Small Business CRM Software

For Small Businesses, time is money, perhaps more so than for larger organizations. Most Small Businesses don’t have the capital and resources to let financial processes and customer interactions lag, nor can they afford to hire analysts or spend money on large scale marketing campaigns. Every transaction means more to a Small Business, and CRM

Digital marketing for Online Business Passion

Digital Marketing is one of the buzzwords doing rounds, With Advent of social Websites and people investing more and more time on their pads and Iphones everything is available in the palm of their per research 80% of Millennials are using their smartphones in-store around 74% of millennials are willing to receive location-based mobile

Food Technology

The study of culinary arts has made great strides in not only teaching students how to cook amazing dishes using classic techniques but today, food technology is also playing a major role in commercial kitchens throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Everything from Sous Vide, cooking in a sealed plastic bag

How to Find Your Lost Phone

Ever felt that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you understand that you can’t discover your telephone? You got yourself a shiny new cell phone and brought it with you on your everyday drive. Someplace along the way, the telephone turns up gone. Everybody knows somebody who has been in this circumstance.

A Fast Cell Phone Number Search

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours on the Internet searching the free directories for a cell phone number, but there is a good reason why you can’t find what you are searching for. Most cell numbers are not in these directories because it costs money to get to the databases that have this information;