3 Super Simple Tips for Twitter

Once you’ve created a Twitter account, and you’ve filled out your profile, uploaded your avatar, and followed a few accounts, you probably want to know where to go from here.

If you’re completely new to Twitter, then my first suggestion [Bonus!] is to take a week (at least) and watch and click around and find out how Twitter works. Learn Twitter. Once you’ve become comfortable, you can really start to build up your account for marketing purposes.

How Do I Get Started on Twitter?

  1. You need to know who your target market is, but before you begin finding them on Twitter, find a few really great accounts to follow that will share fantastic industry information. <-Click to tweet! You’ll want to be able to share that content as well as your own on this account for your target market. Follow as many “content creators” as you can, but make sure they are active, and still posting (sometimes, they get abandoned).
  2. [Bonus!] Now, go find people that are in your target market (Click to tweet!) by searching for people in Twitter’s advanced search. (Do this by typing in your first search phrase/word, then clicking on the gear on the upper right. Shown in pictures below.) This will allow you to find people that are talking about your topic, and you can include more than one search item.
  3. Begin following accounts that are active.<–Click to tweet! It won’t do you any good to find all these great accounts if you can’t get into any conversations with them.
  4. Touch your account at least once a day. <–Click to tweet! It doesn’t matter if it’s for five minutes, or ten, or fifteen. Log in to Twitter once a day and answer anyone that has talked to you. If no one has talked to you, thank new followers. If you don’t have any new followers, go find content to Retweet from your followers. Do this every day.

Simple, right? These tips should get you going. Of course, you’re going to need some kind of strategy and be creating your own content to share, because that will be your ultimate goal; getting people to share YOUR content. But these super simple tips for Twitter should get you off to a great start.

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